Who Is Ja'king?

"Coming straight out of Brooklyn, New York, underground artist Ja'King the Divine is ready to show the world his musical talent. While he used to be a Division 2 athlete on his way to becoming Division 1, he also had a passion and strong love for music, as he's been writing poetry and rap songs since the age of just 8 years old. Taking inspiration from several artists like MF Doom, Nas, Black Thought, Wu-Tang, Jay Electronica, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and many more, Ja'King hopes to set a new standard for conceptual album-making. His very layered and dense lyrical ability leaves each bar up to interpretation for each listener toanalyze for themself. Ja'King is not just another rapper, as this is a man who sits for hours, studying literature to make sure he's putting every word to use within his lyrics while providing the listener with a vivid description of his emotions, which makes him just as much of an artist as any of the world's biggest stars. He's not looking to change the world with his music and he's not hoping to bring back old school hip hop. However, Ja'King the Divine is on a mission, and that mission is to put the art back into rap, while also being respected as a writer." - matters.music.reviews